“FILLIX” is insurance broker’s joint-stock company founded in 1998. It provides insurance, reinsurance, risk management, and assessment consultations, as well as searches for solutions, which are meant to enterprises’ strategical, financial, procedural and property safety.

Qualified insurance specialists work in the company who had passed insurance broker’s qualification examination. Using innovatory insurance programmes, our competence as well as orientating towards individual policyholder’s needs we try to attain our objects.

Our company is insured for professional brokers third party liability insurance as well as it has formed a bigger authorized capital, as insurance laws of the Republic of Lithuania demand it.


To provide policyholder`s with qualitative, innovatory and maximum effective insurance services corresponding their individual needs.

Properly and effectively, represent policyholder’s, the insured’s, beneficiary’s, or the aggrieved third party’s interests both providing insurance broker’s services and administering insurance events.

To enlighten the society about the meaning of insurance as well as it’s benefits by protecting the person or the company from the financial default which is experienced by losing or damaging one’s property, death, injure or in other ways losing one’s ability for work.


To be a professional, seeking novelties, open and available as well as moderate in price insurance broker’s company, which is recognized on a national and international scale, irrespective of outside factors, satisfying policyholders` expectations.

The insurer realizing that the development of insurance is directly connected to the society’s cultural level stimulates the expansion of the possibilities and strengthens the society. By protecting it’s citizens he also strengthens human rights.

We do not strive for being the biggest, but we seek to be THE BEST, as we do our best/ do our utmost.


  • EMPLOYEES- good and loyal employees is our biggest treasure.
  • RESPECT- our client and partner is valued as a personality.
  • TRUST- we work on a basis of mutual trust.
  • OPENNESS- we are open and available to the society.
  • COMPREHENSION- we comprehend the client’s needs and opinion.
  • PARTNERSHIP- we keep to the principles of long-term cooperation.
  • CREATIVENESS- we look for novelties in providing our services.