The object of the insurance is the financial interests related to the damage or destruction (due to a cyber-attack) of computer equipment (computers, data storages, network equipment and software), data corruption (due to a cyber-attack), as well as financial interests related to the liability of insured due to cyber-attack.

The product is intended businesses of all sizes and types (tailored for any small, medium and large business) that seek to maximize their security against unexpected incidents caused by cyber-attacks or data and system security breaches.

Basic insurance coverage:

  • liability for violations of personal data security;
  • Regulatory fines for breaches of personal data security, including fines for breaches of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);
  • crisis management costs after an occurrence related to system and data security breaches;
  • liability for violations of information systems and information security.

Additional insurance coverage:

  • digital liability;
  • cybercrime blackmail;
  • business interruption.