This kind of insurance consists of five insurance protections: insurance of medical expenses and repatriation insurance, accident insurance, luggage insurance, liability insurance as well as trip cancellation insurance.

This fund is meant for the accumulation of old age pension in personal account, which is in the selected pension fund. It does not demand any additional expenses, besides it gives an opportunity to get a bigger old age pension. In this way a personal property is accumulated, which in case of the death of the insured will be inherited by his relatives.

Participants of pension funds make use of all social insurance disbursements, connected to unemployment, illnesses, and maternity.

By this insurance a damage caused by you is compensated for the other person or his property.

By this insurance you are insured against damages caused to your vehicle. This insurance covers losses in cases of the theft, crash, and accident, damages caused by the third parties. The insurance is valid both in Lithuania and abroad.

This insurance assures making restitution of the accident caused by you. Since 2002, January the 1st this kind of insurance is obligatory for all means of transport.

The aim of this insurance is to make amends for your damaged or ruined home or/and property in case of insurance event.

This kind of insurance will protect you during your travel to the countries not belonging to the EU. This is the insurance, which will cover losses of the accident to the injured party caused by you.

For foreigners visiting Lithuania, it may be important to have medical insurance, especially if the purpose of stay is work or studying. The aim of this insurance is to make up for the expenses of the urgent medical help rendered to a foreigner during his stay in Lithuania.

– Such insurance is often required to obtain a residence permit in Lithuania
– It ensures that a foreigner will receive the necessary medical assistance in Lithuania free of charge.
– It is possible to acquire insurance cover not only in Lithuania but also in Schengen countries.